Fitness Handbook

Oliver Anwar
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As a high-performer, All Eyes Are On You…

Picture this:

You are about to give the presentation of your lifetime at the next work meeting which will secure that promotion you’ve been working years for...

You’ve prepared weeks for this presentation -- all your blood, sweat, and tears went into making it absolutely perfect!

You strut into the room confidently and set up your slideshow.

The room gets settled, and you open your mouth to speak...

But then you accidentally drop your laser pointer...

You bend over to pick it up, but your protruding belly pushes too hard against your shirt and bursts open one of your buttons with a loud *pop*.

The room erupts in hushed laughter.

Embarrassed, you press on...

But now your body language slouches, you stutter your words, and you are visibly anxious and sweating.

Your perfect presentation has degenerated into a sorry mumbling speech, and you receive a half-hearted applause… but you know you blew it!

You go home to your family and tell your wife and kids you didn’t end up securing the promotion, and you can’t take that exotic beach resort vacation you were planning to anymore.

The look of disappointment on their faces leaves you speechless...

And now imagine this:

It’s a night out on the town with the lads after a long day’s work…

You’re pounding drinks together and having a great time!

Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a gorgeous woman lounging on her own by the bar.

You tell your friends you’ll be right back, and get up to go talk to her...

You introduce yourself, make some small-talk, but she doesn’t seem all that into you.

5 minutes in she tells you she needs to go to the bathroom, disappears, and doesn’t return.

Disappointed, you return to your mates and continue on with your night.

30 minutes later, however, you see that same girl again...

This time you see her deep in conversation with another guy who is about your height has a similar hairstyle, and is wearing the exact same black tee you are!

The only difference is this guy has bulging shoulders, shirt-ripping biceps, and thick, vascular forearms.

These are just some of the stories I hear from my clients time and time again...

You’ve tried to get that lean, strong and healthy body but you’ve wasted time with fad diets and poorly designed workout programs…

...and quite frankly you have no more time to waste since your career keeps you so busy!

I understand...

I used to be a busy professional corporate worker myself... jumping from diet-to-diet, program-to-program -- wasting what little time I had in my already busy 70-80 hour workweek.

Which led me to develop a system to tackle the unique problems - packed work schedules, stressful jobs, and active dining/drinking lives - busy professionals face when it comes to getting in shape.

But I could only transform so many people personally… I needed to get this information out there to as many people as possible...

So I’ve distilled my proven methods used to personally transform 150+ busy professionals just like you into their ideal shape in only 4 hours per week into my Busy Professionals Fitness Handbook.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

✅  Whether to bulk or cut and why everyone makes the wrong decision every time (It all comes down to one number that some people are obsessed about, and others don’t even know exists. Page 10)

✅  You may be low testosterone and not even know it! (Learn how to optimize your levels quickly and naturally. Page 70)

✅  How to eat MORE carbs and lose MORE fat. (Keto lovers beware! Page 31)

✅  This one “food” that you use every day could lead you to a heart attack in the very near future (Yet they continue marketing it as “healthy” when they’re actually supercharged artery cloggers in disguise. Page 22)

✅  EIGHT workout plans! (Gym, no gym, barbell, dumbbell, bodyweight… I’ve got you covered no matter what your equipment situation is. Page 41)

✅  Cardio is almost useless unless you also include this form of exercise in your routine (Making all those hours on the stationary bike wasted! Page 32)

✅  Why training less hard in the gym can sometimes lead to more gains in the long run (Taking one step back, and two steps forwards. Page 35)

✅  If you are sitting all day at your desk then you need to try these exercises or risk ruining your shoulders, back, and posture (Your body language will be more closed off which will make you look less confident. Page 37)

✅  How to handle the 4 types of chronic stress which zap your energy and cause you uncontrollable hunger (Learn to develop sustainable systems to deal with these for good. Page 59)

✅  Sleep Is the Biggest Legal Performance Enhancing Drug (The reasons why alone make the book worth its price 5x over. Page 57)

✅  The truth about Intermittent Fasting (Do it wrong and you may actually GAIN fat and LOSE muscle. Page 27)

✅  “The Hangover Hitman” 150mL (Cures all hangover symptoms, allowing you avoid the misery of “the morning after”. Page 79)

✅  Trying to build muscle? Eat *this* often or risk missing out on “MPS” (Muscle Protein Synthesis, which is critical to putting on muscle mass. Page 29)

✅  How MyFitnessPal lies to you (And how to hack the app to do what you want it to do instead. Page 18)

✅  The ONLY 3 types of people who can undergo body recomposition -- AKA LOSE fat AND Gain Muscle… At the SAME TIME (Find out if you are one of these three types! Page 9)

✅  The subtle art of breaking through fat loss plateaus without starving yourself or giving up your favourite foods (And the ingenious “100” principle that makes it possible. Page 30)

✅  The magic bodyfat number that lets you eat anything you want (Get this wrong and risk sacrificing your social life and living like a robot. Page 7)

✅  YES! You CAN eat out as long as you follow these 4 simple guidelines (So you can enjoy your outing GUILT FREE. Page 68)

And a whole lot more, including...

Achieving your fitness goals with the cherry on top of the nutrition cake (page 73)... Don’t know what to eat? A simple guide that cuts out all unnecessary confusion (page 21)... How to drink alcohol and stay in perfect shape year-round (page 65)... and even…

How to get a 99.9% chance of success for all your fitness goals (If you’re part of the 0.01% then you just can’t be helped, I’m sorry. Page 82)

And many more exciting tips & tricks I can’t share here (the other fitness goo-roos will see this text and feast on the new ideas like vultures!)

This is why for those who actually buy this book...

I’ll be giving out bonuses like Oprah gives out cars!

Bonus #1 - Accountability Sheet (Value $79)

  • An accountability sheet template to track all your key fitness metrics such as nutrition, steps, sleep, cardio, weight, and measurements
  • Assess how you’re feeling weekly with the Self-Assessment system

Bonus #2 - Busy Guy Strength & Size Program (Value $66)

  • The Busy Guy Strength & Size Program is a 12-week intense training program designed to help you pack on size, skyrocket your strength and triple your confidence in the gym

Bonus #3 - Video Tutorials (Value $90)

  • I personally explain the entire ebook in 5 easy to digest videos so that you have full clarity on everything inside!

Bonus #4 - Cooking Skills Guide (Value $70)

  • If a recipe calls for a roast chicken, a steamed courgette or a poached egg, just open this eBook and it’s all there.
  • It’s also perfect for learning the basics. If you move through this book and cook each item, you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned to create thousands of recipes.
  • Cook them all a few times, and you won’t even need the book anymore; you’ll know how to roast a leg of lamb off by heart.

Bonus #5 - Private Facebook Group (Value $49)

  • Access to Team The Worker Coach
  • Join 100s of other like-minded professionals who are making unprecedented changes to their life
  • Q&As, accountability, live streams, motivation, and bonus resources

Bonus #6 - Recipe Book (Value $70)

  • The Worker Coach recipe book for busy people
  • 30 Brand new recipes for breakfasts, sides and small dishes, main courses and desserts.
  • All macro counted, available in imperial or metric measurements and featuring MyFitnessPal barcodes on each recipe.

Bonus #7 - 60-Minute Consultation Call (Value $400)

  • A personal one-on-one call with yours truly
  • During this call, we will cover the problems you’re facing, strategies to overcome them and how to set up your fitness program for success

Anyways, I have a question for you...

Will you be my next transformation story?

“Oliver helped me shed that last stubborn layer of fat and got me six-pack ripped in time for my vacation”

“I lost 35 lbs almost like magic while eating all my favourite foods following Oliver’s system… and I’m just getting started!”

“I was always *that* skinny kid at the pool until Oliver showed me how to back on muscle while balancing time with my new busy career and now I’ve packed on over 20 lbs of solid muscle!”

And here’s what some of the biggest names on our side of Twitter have to say about my ebook…

Danny Buck (@thedannybuck)

Zaid K. Dahhaj (@zaiderrr)

“Just finished going over the Busy Professionals Fitness Handbook, brother. From nutrition, training, lifestyle, and supplementation, you cover everything in a digestible way for the reader.

Most importantly, you have NUANCE which a lot of fitness influencer bullshit artists don’t incorporate.

I’m confident you’ll help a lot of people with this.

Kudos for the effort because I can tell you passionately put a lot of it into this handbook.”

Investor’s Theory (@InvestorsTheory)

“Oliver - I just finished reading your book. I was very impressed with how jam-packed with information it is. From crushing your training goals to nutrition and supplements - you cover it all. I've already started to implement a few items from this book into my daily life. My favourite thing about it is that these ideas are timeless. I will be able to refer to it and slowly implement new things into my fitness journey. Anyone who purchases this and takes action on what you teach will be living a very happy and healthy life. Appreciate you sharing it with me!”

John Constas (@JohnConstas)

“Oliver's Busy Professionals Fitness Handbook is a must-have. His simple but effective guidelines are bound to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether it be to lose that stubborn weight or build a powerful physique, this Ebook has got you covered.”

Fury (@Hooafury)

“The title of Oliver’s fitness guide hits it right on the nose. It is the perfect fitness handbook, for busy professionals, providing pure signal, amongst all the fitness noise out there. It provides a perfectly well structured, detailed approach to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Everything is in it, taking you by the hand, from A to Z. When you pick this up today, crack it open, you have the full toolkit to start a healthy and strong life.”

Anthony Knobbe (@anthonysramblin)

Money-Back Guarantee

I am so confident this ebook will transform your fitness journey like nothing else out there...

That if after 30-days of following the knowledge inside, you are not satisfied with your results...

I will gladly buyback the book from you… no questions asked!


This ebook is NOT for:

  • Excuse makers
  • Procrastinators
  • People happy with staying the same
  • People too lazy to improve their financial situation
  • People content with the quality of their relationships

If this doesn’t sound like you…

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Fitness Handbook

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